Success Stories

Secondary school students are sharing their experiences about the dual credit program.

Here’s what they have to say:

It was truly an incredible program, and I am forever thankful for… the staff that make the program possible for students like me.Allyce

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Doing the Centre for success was the best decision I ever made, school wise. It let me graduate with my peers when I wouldn’t have been able to do so at (my home school).Jacob

Coming to the Centre for Success program has made me a better, hard-working student. It helped me to graduate on time, something I never thought possible last semester.Brittany


For a year or so prior to coming here, I felt like school was never going to end. I was getting really discouraged in my other school and there were times that I thought of quitting school entirely. Participating in this program taught me how to be patient with my work and pace myself to complete everything without getting overwhelmed. I also gained more self-confidence in general, which allowed me to earn the credits that I needed in order to graduate.Sebastian

Thank you for continuously seeing the good beyond our faults & the potential beyond our defeats.Allyce

I never felt like I fit in with anyone. I always found myself feeling left out and trying way too hard to fit in. That’s when I began hanging around what I thought were the cool kids and that road led me down a path where I began to coming to class late, and eventually, not at all. I was nervous coming to Durham. Feels like our whole lives we make it to the top of the food chain just to graduate and be knocked down to the bottom. Even with my insecurities, I managed to thrive here. The environment enabled me to flourish and finish my high school diploma a semester earlier than I would have if I were in regular high-school.Nicole


The constant respect and encouragement that I received during my time here has given me the pride and motivation to excel in my school work and achieve success in my post-secondary studies.Sarah

In this program you are treated like an adult, you can wear a hat if you want to, bring a coffee to class, or listen to music while you work, if that helps you concentrate. I believe that if you treat someone like a child, you can’t expect them to act like an adult.Sterling


The teachers really care, and provide assistance that teachers in mainstream high school are unable to offer. Your teachers really get to know you, and what you need to be successful. They know what you’re capable of, and what your goals are. This isn’t just an occupation for them, this is their passion, they truly care.Sterling

In high school, when you learn something, you are told that you “might use it someday”. In OYAP, you learn things in the college classroom that you apply at the workplace a few days later! It’s an amazing experience to see the things you’re learning being applied in real ways! I really enjoyed this program, and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity!Ayrton


The program really helps me with all my individual needs. The teachers take extra time to help me. They’ll come over, take any questions I have any time after school, during, you can even call them to get extra help.James

It was a good opportunity to get away from the high school… and I feel like I’ve learned a lot from it and done more work than I have ever done in my whole life.Christine


I would never have graduated this fast and I probably wouldn’t have cared but now I’m on a roll and I’m graduating this week!Meghan

Awesome Experience, Great way to start my apprenticeship. I did 2 days a week at Durham College. The classes and teachers were excellent. I also had the best company to be placed in with Quickmill 3 days a week. Treated me like a true apprentice and not like a high school student.Cameron


One of the best parts about the program, was how our character as well as our potential was determined by what we brought to the table and traits we brought forth; rather than a credit summary & an old attendance record.Allyce

… the experience has been a blast and the future outlook with this dual credit is an ultimate advantage. I’m very honoured to be part of this dual credit and I appreciate the opportunity.Shannon

The course also boosted my confidence in my abilities as I saw myself adapting to the change and overcoming the challenges I met. The Dual Credit program challenged me to look inside myself and realize my full potential.Scott