Centre for Success – Human Relations (GNED 1108) – Summer 2023 SWAC – Durham College Oshawa campus


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Human Relations introduces students to interpersonal dynamics in social and professional contexts. Students consider why our beliefs, outlooks, values, and actions sometimes cause conflict in our personal lives and in work-related situations. They address Human Relations-related theories, concepts, skills, and strategies against the broad recognition that today’s employers (across a range of industries) seek candidates who demonstrate: a positive attitude, communication skills, strong work ethic, customer service skills, and teamwork. Consequently, students assess how people communicate with one another; they reflect upon how people convey messages and how others interpret or perceive those messages. Finally, this course invites students to foster empowerment and self-management skills and traits to improve their efficacy, development, and growth.

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Human Relations (GNED 1108)

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DDSB Summer School - Centre for Success Oshawa

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