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SCMT1100 introduces students to the important contribution that supply chain and operations managers make to the success of any organization. In the increasingly global economy, every organization relies upon very coordinated support from supply chain partners in order to be successful. Depending upon the nature of the business, a supply chain and operations manager’s job can involve interacting with suppliers, managing transportation of goods, overseeing the day-to-day activities involved in the production of goods and services, solving problems, and working with customers – all with an eye toward meeting quality and efficiency goals. SCMT1100 introduces students to some of the areas of supply chain and operations management responsibility, and examines the tools and tradeoffs that managers consider when making important decisions. Supply chain and operations management is a growing field of employment in the Canadian economy, but is an area that is not widely understood by many students who are beginning their business education. Through this course, some students may discover that supply chain and operations management is well suited to their skills and interests, and may continue their studies in one of the Supply Chain & Operations diploma programs. For students who pursue other areas of business studies, this course will prepare them to interact effectively with the supply chain and operations managers in their own organization when cross-functional decisions are being made.

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